February 2018

Assessing Articulation and Phonology of Bilingual Students: BAPA iPad app

2018-02-19T09:59:51+00:00 By |Smarty Ears, Therapy Corner|

Assessing articulation and phonology of bilingual students always required a lot of consideration: Making sure I had assessment tools in both languages available, making sure I could look into dialects of Spanish I was [...]

September 2017

The 8 Areas to Teach for a Well-Balanced Approach to Communication Skills

2017-09-19T11:03:48+00:00 By |Therapy Corner|

As with many things in life, teaching language and communication often requires balance. Many subjects need addressed from various angles to achieve a balanced whole as a result. When dealing with speech, language, and communication [...]

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September 2016

Bridging the Gap Between Reading Comprehension and Speech Difficulties Through Appsread

2017-08-24T11:15:55+00:00 By |Therapy Corner|

Bridging the gab between reading comprehension and speech difficulties through apps. Reading and speaking are directly related. Though you can read without speaking, thoughts usually come from absorbed information in which reading is [...]

January 2016