Success Stories

From: Dale Stone, M.S, CCC-SLP
City: Valencia, CA

I love Articulation Scenes.  It is my “go to” app for articulation and language.  The kids love it, love finding the hidden pictures, and ask for it each session.  Not only is it versatile for practicing sounds in words, phrases, sentences, oral reading and spontaneous connected speech, I can also use it with my language students to have them construct sentences and stories about the scenes using specific targeted vocabulary.  I can use it for problem solving and answering questions.  My specific success story involves a 5th grader who used the app to master s, z, sh, ch, and j between November 2012 and March 2013 primarily using this app (and a little help from her SLP of course!).  This app really held her interest and motivation and and enabled her to master all of her target sounds before going on to middle school.  She was so happy she did not need to attend speech in middle school but stated she would miss our sessions playing games from Articulation Scenes!