Match2Say is the matching game for children with difficulties producing some sounds in the English language. While they play they say the words and improve their articulation skills at the same time. Children will learn their sounds while playing! Children and adults can practice on their own, with their parents or with speech therapists.

While Match2Say does not substitute the need for speech therapy services, it is a great tool that parents can use at home with their children to improve their articulation skills. Match2Say includes all phonemes in the English language as well as a set of decks with the different types of “R” sounds.  This app includes a total of 1500 images!! You will never have enough of it.

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1. Each deck of cards represents a specific sound;

2. Multiplayer option with pass and play;

3. Audio recording for all images;

4. Several difficulty levels;

5. Over 1500 images in the whole app;

6. Word & Phrase level;

7. Universal app: Fully compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

8. Fun!

9. Designed by Smarty Ears- always a plus over any other app on iTunes

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