Fluency Tracker

Fluency Tracker is an application designed for individuals who stutter and parents of children who stutter. Fluency tracker is an application that will complement the services of speech therapists in making progress towards a more fluent speech, positive feelings about speech, and reducing avoidance behaviors that are associated with stuttering.

With Fluency Tracker© individuals will be able to track changes in the frequency of disfluency, changes in avoidance behaviors, and feelings associated with speaking.

Here is how Fluency Tracker works: Users will be able to enter the times they stutter throughout the day, you may also enter where and with whom you stuttered. The application will keep a log of this information over time. Users can also enter every time they avoided speaking due to fear of stuttering, and the situations in which this behavior happened.

One other feature of Fluency Tracker is the ability to also track feelings towards speech on a given day. We know that individuals who stutter at times feel frustrated, and helpless about their communication abilities.

Fluency Tracker will compile a profile in which it displays a graph of changes in speaking behaviors (disfluent moments, avoidance behaviors, and feelings towards speech); this way users can keep track of their progress towards a more fluent speech or towards a more positive attitude about their communication abilities.

One of the best features on Fluency Tracker© is the ability to measure the frequency of disfluency per minute. Individuals who stutter may pair with their speech therapists, a friend, wife or a parent to measure in a conversation how many times the person stuttered in a give conversation time.

Smarty Ears continues building bridges between technology and speech therapy. Their applications have been accepted well by speech pathologists and the parents of children with speech and language disorders. Now they have released an application targeted   towards people with speech disorders.

Fluency Tracker© solves a long standing problem of tracking the speech behaviors of those who stutter outside of the therapy room.  Since speech therapists can only see your speech while you are in the room with them, Fluency Tracker will be a powerful tool to track fluency skills in real life.

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