expressive-icon-smallExpressive was featured on the “Autism Hangout” Podcast and the “TUAW.COM” as an app that is helping children & adults to communicate and learn. This is an entry to mid-level, easy to use, and powerful app that allows children and adults with speech impairment or communication difficulties to express their wants and needs through the use of pictures and symbols. Expressive was designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users. Children can use this application to communicate by tapping buttons with symbols or pictures that generate sound. Expressive includes over 10,000 built-in images from the Smarty Symbols library.

The best thing about Expressive is its ease of use. It does not require any knowledge about programming or manuals; Expressive is intuitive and simple to use.

Flexible and intuitive customization within Expressive allows users to select from a pool of images with audio files, create their own folders and arrange the images as they please.

If you have a family member that has lost the ability to express themselves (even if just temporarily due to a surgery, accident or aphasia) Expressive will give them back the ability to communicate and express their basic needs. Expressive is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad.



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-Symbol support for communication using 10,000 Smarty Symbols;
-A choice of 4 built-in text to speech;
– Ability to add your own images;
– Change background color of folders or images;
– A lock feature to prevent modifications by user;
– Search button to find images quickly;
– Completely redesigned graphics;
– Supports landscape and portrait mode;
– Support re-arranging tittles;
– Male and female text-to-speech options
– Change speed of text to speech voices;
– Change font style;
– Advanced optimization of the features of the application;

  Video Tutorial


Expressive 3.0 for iPad – AAC from Smarty Ears on Vimeo.


“What I dig about this app:

  • The ability to customize based on the needs of your clients.
  • How easy it is to navigate and figure out.  My 6-year-old client with autism was able to find his way through the folders in a matter of minutes.
  • Because it’s simple and straightforward, you can use this app with a variety of clients of different disabilities.
  • Smarty symbols!  I honestly like these symbols much better than other picture exchange systems.  To me they capture the message and are more detailed.
  • The price is great at $25.99, compared to over a hundred dollars for many comparable apps.  You are able to get a lot of use and variety from this app for a reasonable price.”

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“This is honestly one of the easiest AAC apps to use and played around with.  It is so intuitive. The way it is organized just makes sense to me. It’s not complicated, and is organized in a very logical manner” Read full review here:

“So there you have Expressive by Smarty Ears.  This app is a viable alterative to more pricy speech output devices and AAC apps.  This is a great option for schools especially since they may not have the resources to spend on more costly alternatives.  Overall this app is very user friendly and great for use in speech-language therapy sessions.” Carrie Speech Corner

“Inexpensive, comprehensive, accessible – these are just some of the words that describe the recently updated app, Expressive, by Smarty Ears.  Those familiar with the elaborate cost of voice output devices for clients who are nonverbal can appreciate a $25.99 app compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that houses over 10,000 picture symbols!” Teacher with Apps


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