Release your app with Smarty Ears

Smarty Ears is now accepting to publish your application on the app store and make it available to thousands of user worldwide. Over the last year we have received several e-mails from individuals interested in transforming their ideas or final products into apps. Smarty Ears is now ready for your product submission idea.

There are over 500 thousand applications on the app store. We know how hard it is to get your idea off of the ground and get the word out. Did you know that many who create their apps now find it hard to get the word out?

Smarty Ears is now the largest app publishing company in the speech and language development area. You can join our family by submitting your idea. Even though we prefer that the product be complete before submission, we also accept product ideas in development. Once you submit your idea we will let you know if we are interested in moving forward with the project.

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1. After I submit my idea/product how do I protect my own idea/product?

First we will let you know if we are already working on an idea/product similar to yours as soon as we receive your contact. If we are not interested in publishing your product we will submit all your materials back to you. We will never use any of your materials without your authorization and a signed contract. If we do decide to publish your product, we will proceed to the contract stage and, you will be protected under the agreement stablished on the contract.

2. How do I Submit my app product?

First you must complete the form on the bottom of this page. We will take it from there.

3. How do I get paid?

If we publish your app your will receive a daily sales report on the how your well your app is being sold. You will get paid 4x per year.Generally, authors receive a royalty of 5% to 15% on all sales for their app. The amount of royalty is decided by us based on your level of expertise, amount of material provided by you to us on the creation of the app, and complexity of the application.

4. Who owns the app once it is published?

Just as in traditional publishing, once your application is published you will continue to own the idea and materials your have provided and therefore you will get paid royalties for it. The final application, coding, and any art work developed by Smarty Ears belongs to us.  If after termination of the contract you or Smarty Ears do not wish to renew it, you will be entitled to have your materials returned to you. Smarty Ears owns the right for a period of 1 years after termination of contract over publishing your product in electronic format. You may not publish the content present on this application in any other format once you publish with us.

5.May I still sell this idea to other companies?

You may contact other companies until you have a signed contract with Smarty Ears. Once we have signed a contract, Smarty Ears holds the right to your product until termination of the contract. If you wish to have your product published through traditional publishing( books, board game, etc) Smarty Ears may evaluate your case. Please let us know and we can work with you.

6. Do I need images for my product?

If you already have a finished product with drawing and photos we will be happy to use it. If you do not have any graphics, just send us a detailed description, or a drawing and our graphics department will produce the final product.

7. Do I need to own an iPad or iPhone?

Even though it is not a requirement that you own an iPad or iPhone to submit your idea/product, it is very important that you get familiarized with the format of the devices. This way you will be able to give us a more concrete example of your ideas by using other apps already available as examples of a particular feature you would like to see on your app.

8. Will I be the “author” of the app?

Yes. When we publish your app you will be the author of the app published by Smarty Ears. Just like in traditional publishing, there are authors to books/therapy materials and there are publishers. Smarty Ears is the publisher and your are the author.


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How far are you in the process of your idea? For example if this is an app for articulation have you already selected all the words. If this is an app to practice categories, have you already selected all the words/categories?

Which area is your app ideas/product? Are there other similar products out there in please send us the names/links.

How many targets or items have you already created for the app you have in mind?( if applicable). Example: Language Adventures app has 100 targets per area per level.