Language Adventures


Language Adventures, now updated with additional content targeting categories, inferences, and wh-questions, is a new spin on your old speech and language game boards! Language Adventures is a first-of-its-kind app that allows you to engage students in a contextual language intervention experience on your iPad! Through an exciting interface and bright, colorful graphics, students will develop language skills in areas for success in school.

All the basics of game play- player selection, dice rolling, and token moving- have been transformed for the iPad platform. Additionally, the app allows you to select from three levels of difficulty appropriate for elementary through high school-aged students, with accompanying school-based themes and vocabulary contexts, and save your students’ targets and progress over repeated plays. Question targets are related to the topics of each leveled game board (playground, cafeteria, and classroom), so that they are grounded in a stronger context to enhance students’ comprehension, semantic connections and use of more complex vocabulary.

Language Adventures is based on research regarding language development and use of context clues to increase overall language skills, reading comprehension, and academic success. Research has indicated that targeting vocabulary facilitates reading comprehension and oral language skills (Dole, Sloan, and Trathen, 1995). The questions within Language Adventures are presented within real-world themes providing context clues to assist in learning vocabulary. By providing context-based questions and a thematic approach, Language Adventures assists children in strengthening word connections and developing meaningful concepts (Hickman, et al. 2004). Within the content of Language Adventures, the child is provided with meaningful learning activities related to their own experiences and encouraged to use student-friendly definitions of words within the app, which enhance language comprehension and production (Beck, et al., 2002). Many researchers have supported teaching antonyms (Powell, 1986), synonyms (Graves et al., 2004), and multiple meanings (Nagy and Scott, 2000) to increase overall vocabulary usage. Language Adventures now includes content targeting categorization, a skill challenging to students with language disorders and impacting comprehension, labeling, and retrieval (Partyka & Kresheck, 1983). Language Adventures also provides new material which can be used as a context to practice strategies related to comprehension of wh-questions and inferential reasoning.

Language Adventures can be used to:

-Work in an adult-student pair or group of students on a variety of receptive and expressive language skills.

-Develop vocabulary, naming, comprehension, and inferential reasoning in the context of real-world settings.

-Elicit and score students’ understanding and use of targeted language skills.

-Measure treatment effectiveness and skill growth over time through reported data.


Language Adventures has the following features:

-Receptive Activity in which students identify correct answers from presented choices.

-Expressive Activity in which students respond to open-ended questions.

-Approximately 1000 questions across 6 language targets, 2000 when considering that questions can be presented in Receptive or Expressive Mode, making this app a robust therapy resource!

-Ability to select specific targets- synonyms, antonyms, multiple meanings, categories, wh-questions, and inferences- for each player.

-Theme-based game board format to be used with up to 4 players.

-Three available levels targeting elementary through high school students.

-Questions and answers presented in both auditory (optional) and visual modalities.

-Questions containing content words and context clues to increase understanding of targets.

-Audio can be turned on or off to develop auditory or reading comprehension.

Authors: Language Adventures was authored by Nichole Hanneken Ontis, M.S., CCC-SLP and Danielle Sears, M.S., CCC-SLP.

App Designers: Sean J. Sweeney & Barbara Fernandes.

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