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Dysphagia2Go is a revolutionary app connecting the dysphagia assessment world to technology. Dysphagia2Go offers an easy to use, HIPPA compliant** resource to complement your Clinical Dysphagia Evaluation. 

Dysphagia2Go guides you through the evaluation process with reminders to assess medications, cranial nerves and all the areas on which any good dysphagia evaluation should focus. This app provides a thorough evaluation report template developed by speech pathologists who have drawn upon their experience in varied settings to provide extensive opportunities to record chart reviews, assessment data, and recommendations in a single document, which can then be printed or e-mailed directly from the user’s iPad. 

Dysphagia2Go allows for easy, single touch evaluation results with an easy-to-print report. If you don’t find what you need on the app or have other comments that should be added, Dysphagia2Go offers comment boxes throughout to add your own evaluation information. 

Drop the pen and paper during your dysphagia app and use Dysphagia2Go for a quick and easy, complete Clinical Dysphagia Evaluation. 

While Dysphagia2Go provides an excellent resource for reporting data for swallowing assessments performed by a speech and language pathologist, it is NOT intended to replace an SLP’s clinical expertise or consultation. This app is not a replacement for clinical training and should not be used by individuals who are not experienced licensed speech and language pathologists. 
* Dysphagia2Go relies on security measures that are built-in on the iPad. 
** The app can only comply with HIPAA standards if user is protecting iPad data using iPad’s password protection. 
*** Smarty Ears, LLC is not responsible for maintaining the confidential information that users have entered in to, or sent from the Dysphagia2Go app. 
**** Smarty Ears, LLC does not recommend that the information entered in the application be e-mailed over a non-secure connection.

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