Common Core Early Language Screener


The common core standards are expectations set out by the states regarding what students are expected to  learn from kindergarden through 12th grade in order to be prepared for postsecondary education ( The Common Core Early Language Screener (CCELS) is a screening tool used to identify  weaknesses in early language skills. The CCELS was designed to be used with Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten aged children; however, the screener can be used for other groups if needed. The skills assessed on the CCELS vary depending on the grade level choice selected by the evaluator. Children who just started kindergarden will have a different set of skills expected then children who are ending kindergarden, and the application will reflect that.


The Common Core Early Language Screener has features, such as:
1. Ability to watch a video tutorial of how to effectively use the app;
2. School and evaluator information only has to be entered one time, then it is automatically added to each new screening and report;
3. Ability to enter a student’s name and track progress over time;
4. Ability to review past screenings;
5. Generate a report analyzing performance in each subtest;
6. Ability to print evaluator form and/or child form.

Skills Assessed on the CCELS:


The Common Core Early Language Screener can be used to:

Independent Reviewers and what they have to say:

1. Speaking of Apps on the Advance Magazine by Jeremy Legaspi:

“I am not an SLP in the schools so I am not totally up to speed on everything common core. That being said language is language, common core or not. The CCELS is specifically designed to be used with children who are Pre-k and in kindergarten; however, it may also be useful for children above the kindergarten grade level. This is not a normed testing measure so if your school requires norm referenced materials, you are out of luck. It does appear to support common core standards quite nicely, so perhaps you can use that to convince your favorite administrator to purchase it.”

2. Speech Time Fun

Smarty Ears has done it again!  They developed an app perfect for SLPs!  With the new push for common core curriculum and RTI (response to intervention) many SLPs are challenged to test or screen large amounts of students (with limited time).  There are few ready to use protocols for screening especially designed with the common core in mind.”

3. CCELS on Speech Adventures by Mary Huston

The Common Core Early Language Screener (CCELS) has quickly earned a spot in my “favorite apps” folder on my iPad. The CCELS is very similar to many of the language screeners that are out there for preschool (CELF Screener, DIAL4, etc.).One thing I absolutely love is that this does seem to follow the Common Core Standards for what children are expected to know for kindergarten language standards. My school is starting Core Standards this year for K-1-2 (and all of the grades really)…and this will be invaluable for RTI as well as a screener for potential testing.”

Common Core – Video Tutorial from GeekSLP on Vimeo.