Using themes in articulation therapy

Oh! The thematic units, don't we all love them? Theme based intervention is a common practice during speech and language sessions. Generally speaking, using themes is something that we think about more for language based interventions than speech and articulation interventions. Many school-based clinicians use themes in their sessions; especially the themes that fall along with the themes being used in the classroom. When a clinician makes the decision to incorporate themes

Three essential apps for individuals with aphasia

When individuals suffer a stroke, the changes in their lives can have devastating effects. With the help of skilled professionals such as speech-language-pathologist, occupational therapists and physical therapists, stroke survivors can learn to cope with their disability of recover functions lost. There are a lot of apps in the market that can also have a positive effect in recovering language skills lost due to a stroke. Apps such as some developed by Smarty Ears were

The anatomy of an educational app update

We have been making apps since 2009 and throughout the years we have made hundreds of updates throughout our apps. Creating educational apps requires a great deal of upkeep. We always want to make sure our apps don't get left behind. When we started creating apps in 2009, the iPad was not even out yet. While it does seem like another lifetime, it was just the other day. Our apps back then were the most advanced apps at the time they were created, however if you were to play with

Bridging the Gap Between Reading Comprehension and Speech Difficulties Through Apps

Reading and speaking are directly related. Though you can read without speaking, thoughts usually come from absorbed information in which reading is a big part, and speech is the expression of thoughts.Reading, including reading comprehension, therefore, can be a problem for children with speech difficulties. In fact, studies have shown that children who have difficulty with spoken language are often at risk of having reading problems.Phonological processes have also

Why is the Social Quest app so Successful with Students Struggling with Social Skills?

There is a lot of social fabric that we take for granted because it just seems invisible to us. It’s so integral to our everyday lives that it just fades into the background, but that simply isn’t true for everyone… Little social norms that seem like nothing to you and me can be really overwhelming and daunting to many students. This can be even more pronounced of a problem for students with autism or other special needs, as it can even cause a fair degree of anxiety.

Screening or Testing Articulation on the iPad. Which app should I choose?

Throughout the years we all have gotten the routine of articulation testing down: Look for clean protocols, or buy them if we run out, find the test and dig out the scoring book. During the test we rush to transcribe what we have heard and then we spend double the time we spent with the child scoring and writing the report for that assessment. Yes! It was painful. Lucky someone said, “There has to be a better way!”.Technology and brilliant minds have made the process of

Which one is (really) the best articulation app for iPad?

We’ve seen the question a million times on Facebook, twitter and other social media:"What is the Best Articulation app?"This well intentioned question often comes up from someone who is either just became a Speech Therapist or is a Newbie to the world of app on the iPad, or perhaps someone who is just overwhelmed by the amount of apps that are out there and available.  Usually a host of passionate responses spark up. If we are being honest though, its really hard for

Creating multilingual apps for speech therapy: The challenge

The iPad has allowed publishers to expand their reach across borders. As apps are created and published on the app store, the developer has the choice to make them available around the world. Developers can specifically select in which countries they want their app to appear. When it comes to speech and language apps things get very complicated. While most of these apps are available world wide, only a portion of the world speaks English, and therefore despite the availability,

Smarty Ears 2015: Year Review

 The year 2015 just flew by, didn't it? It is at times hard for us to believe all that we accomplished this year. As early as the 8th day of the year, Smarty Ears was pleased to announce the release of our first app of the year: Yes/No Barn. Designed and authored by Barbara Fernandes, Smarty Ears founder and CEO. This app was a result of the increased number of requests in 2014 by our customers to start creating apps for the younger children.In February we took a

Smarty Ears releases its first paper based material: Go Sequencing Flashcards now available

Smarty Ears has built its reputation on creating high-quality applications for the iOS devices since 2009. The company founded by Barbara Fernandes has released over sixty iOS applications to date in a variety of areas of speech, language and communication. Smarty Ears is one of the most well-known and respected in the field, and its apps have been download around the world by hundreds of thousands of users. This month, Smarty Ears is very proud to announce that it will be

Smarty Ears was a great hit at the 2015 TSHA Convention

 The Texas Speech and Hearing Convention (TSHA) took place in San Antonio between the 20th and the 22nd of March. The TSHA convention is the largest state level convention in the United States that provides CEU sessions to speech-language-pathologists ( SLPs). Smarty Ears has been attending the TSHA convention since 2010, and we are so proud to have been a part of  every single TSHA convention in the last 5 years.We still remember our first year, with balloons and

Smarty Ears at the 2014 NAEYC Annual Convention

We are so excited about November! This month is always full of great exciting events for Smarty Ears. This year the National Association for the Education of Young Children convention will be in the Dallas area and we will be there. This will be the first time Smarty Ears attends this event, and if all goes as planned we will always make an effort to attend.We will be at booth 1837, and we hope to see  you

Smarty Ears is featured on Yapp Guru

This week Smarty Ears is being featured on the super awesome website Yapp Guru! We felt so honored to have been invited to be one of their first developers to be featured on their website.Yapp Guru was founded by speech-pathologists who, like me feel overwhelmed by the number of apps on the app store. The website is designed as a place for you to find apps based on a variety of different areas, and to be able to get some more details about the apps as opposed to just looking

Smarty Ears introduces app bundles

Apple heard our requests! You can now buy many of our apps as part of a bundle and save big. We have bundled our apps in several different bundles based on app categories and you can not only save big by buying the apps as part of a bundle but also save by getting a credit if you already own one or a few of the apps included in that specific bundle.Smarty Ears has submitted many different bundles for Apple to review and approve. We currently have three bundles

Back to School App sale: Screening and assessment apps by Smarty Ears

 It is here! Summer is almost over but we brought something that will make your week shine ( besides seeing those adorable faces back to school!).We have a back to school screening and assessment app sale! Six of our apps: all for screening and assessment are on sale until august 26th, 2014.Checkout the apps on sale starting today:1. Bilingual Articulation and Phonology Assessment- Standardized! (Full: $84.99 – Now: $54.99)About: The Bilingual

Smarty Ears providing more apps to help children communicate around the world

Founded by a language and culture lover, Smarty Ears CEO, Barbara Fernandes is vested in providing quality apps that will help children not only in English but also in as many languages as possible. Smarty Ears has released a new version of two apps: WhQuestions & Fun & Functional that will help children with language difficulties reach their potential in their native languages. WhQuestion is now available in Spanish, Portuguese & French. While Fun  &

Smarty Ears CEO presenting at the 2014 Asha convention in Orlando

It is official! Our very own Founder and CEO will be presenting ( once again) at the Asha convention. The 2014 convention of the American Speech-Language and Hearing association is set to take place in Orlando between November 20-22 of 2014. Barbara Fernandes has presented numerous times at the annual convention. This year she will be presenting on the topic area of Business & Management.The session is set to take place on Friday, November 21, 2014 at 11:00 AM.The

Smarty Ears releases app in four languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish & French

Smarty Ears has not only been the leader in app development for speech, language and communication apps, but also has started to push the development of the first apps in languages other than English for promoting language and speech development. Smarty Ears is proud to announce the release of WhQuestions in three additional languages: French, Spanish & Portuguese.WhQuestions was initially released in January of 2010, and it was one of the first speech therapy apps on

Smarty Ears CEO presenting in New York this Fall

If you are in the New York area and looking for a great way to become proficient on using the iPad to provide speech and language therapy you should not miss, Barbara's presentation titled: Understanding and Setting Up the iPad as a Therapy Tool The workshop is set to take place in New York City on October 26, 2014.Course Description:  This workshop will provide speech-language pathologists with a wealth of information regarding the powerful features and possibilities for

Smarty Ears & Billinguistics release the first app truly standardized on the iPad

  Over the last four years, Smarty Ears and Bilinguistics have been working on the first and only articulation app fully standardized on the iPad. The Bilingual Articulation and Phonology Assessment has been available on the app store since 2011 as a non-standardized qualitative assessment of Spanish only articulation and phonology skills. In 2012, BAPA was updated to include one of its kind feature on any bilingual assessment for articulation: the ability to evaluate

Smarty Ears was a 2014 Asha Convention Sponsor

Smarty Ears was a proud sponsor of the 2014 Asha convention in Chicago! The convention hit a record attendance this year and we loved being a part of it. Our apps are loved by many clinicians and their clients and it shows during the convention. We loved attending and getting to hear the feedback from everyone at this year's Asha convention. Thank you so much for everyone who stopped by our booth to check out some of our latest apps. Check out some of the shots we got during this

App for helping people with Aphasia goes global

Award-Winning producer of iPad apps for individuals with communication difficulties updates its iName It app in order to support iOS 7 and add two new languages, Spanish and Portuguese.Dallas, TX – October 29, 2013 – Smarty Ears is excited to announce that it has updated its app, iName It, adding two new languages: Spanish and Portuguese. iName It was released in 2012 and developed initially for the one million English-speaking people who suffer from forms of Aphasia in

New features on Articulate it 3.5

We have just released our latest version of Articulate it! Our best selling articulation app has never failed to impress parents, speech-language pathologists and children, but are you truly ready for what it offers on its version 3.5? Let's take a look at all the great new features of this already fantastic app:1. Generate and print certificates of mastery of articulation skills directly from the Articulate it!It is very easy to  generate the certificates:Tap on

Smarty Ears Releases Its New App for iPad, Sentence Ninja

Award-Winning producer of iPad apps for those with learning disabilities launches its newest app, Sentence Ninja. Sentence Ninja is designed to help children and adults improve their English sentence structure skills. Desoto, TX – October 5, 2013 – Smarty Ears is pleased to announce the release of its newest educational app, “Sentence Ninja”. This app was authored by Rosie Simms and designed by Barbara Fernandes, two speech-language pathologists and it was designed to

Enter here to win a copy of Articulate it and Apraxia Ville

This is our second giveaway, and we really like doing it! This week we have two great apps to giveaway: Articulate it & Apraxia Ville. These are essential tools to your  practice and we will be doing a giveaway.  Here is a little bit about these apps: Apraxia Ville is a unique application created specifically to help children with childhood apraxia of speech and severe speech-sound disorders. With multiple levels, both vowel and consonant targets, and the ability to

Would you like you win a copy of Language Adventures for iPad?

We are celebrating this weekend by giving you a chance to win one of two copies of Language Empires for iPad? Would you like to participate? It is easy, just enter the Rafflecopter below:  a Rafflecopter giveaway  Happy weekend for

Back to School Assessment & Screening App Sale

It is that time again! How about using Smarty Ears screening & assessment apps to make your back to school days much easier and less stressful? Smarty Ears has a collection of screening and assessment apps that are perfect for the first few weeks of school. Learn more about them by watching video tutorials or reading the reviews done by professionals using these amazing tools. Check out our apps on sale until August 19th, 2013:ATEval2GO Description: This app is designed

Nominate your favorite Smarty app blog

  Howdy everyone! As I present on topics such as the use of iPad and apps for promoting speech and language services, I always emphasize the importance of reading app reviews and watching app video tutorials before making a choice on an app purchase. While we love what we do, and we work hard to try to spread the word about the apps we create, we rely on bloggers to inform you guys about their thoughts and opinions about our apps. We all agree that the five screenshots and

The iPad is now also helping stroke victims

The iPad has been a bit hit among children and adults, and for a couple of years it has been used to help individuals with autism to communicate and learn. Now, the iPad is also being used to help elderly individuals who suffer from reading difficulties due to a stroke or other neurological pathologies. A stroke can leave individuals with a language disorder called aphasia. Aphasia can impact a person’s ability to understand written and spoken language. Alzheimer’s disease

Smarty Ears committee invites new applicants for the advisory board

Smarty Ears has been creating apps for speech therapists, teacher and children with special needs for the last 4 years. We have appreciated all the support we have received from everyone. We have had a very active advisory board since 2011.  The advisory board is a group of approximately 10 individuals who collaborate, provide feedback and participate on active discussions on future and existing Smarty Ears apps. Over the last two years, we had a couple members move on to a

Teachers with Apps certified developer

Smarty Ears is pleased to announce that it has earned the "Teachers with Apps certified developer" certification. Smarty Ears is part of the original 15 developers to receive this  honor. "This Certification was designed to recognize and applaud App Developers who have consistently brought education apps to the mobile platform that are exemplary in content, presentation, and execution, as well as overall user experience. These distinguished developers have created four or

Smarty Ears Apps is proud to be the developer of the week at Appable

Smarty Ears Apps is proud to be the developer of the week at for the week of February 11, 2013. As developer of the week, there will be an app featured each day. The featured app will be price reduced and will be hosting a giveaway (or two). For those of you unfamiliar with, it is a website specifically designed to help parents and teachers find apps designed to help children with special needs. AppAbled is run by parents for

I love Articulation Scenes

I am always looking for ways to make articulation practice fun. Picture cards and worksheets work but if I get bored then I know the kids are too.  I found that using hidden pictures is a way to work on targeted sounds with a fun twist. Now this app from Smarty Ears brings this twist to my iPad along with more options to spice up articulation therapy.This is how I use this app in a traditional articulation session with a few twists included. Find the hidden

Fun & Functional in Action

By: Cindy L. Meester MS,CCC/SLP I use this app in the receptive only setting as a way to measure a child’s ability to identify objects and their functions. The app allows me to set how many items are shown on the screen, which makes it easy to set up for the different ability levels of my students. I can even adjust how similar the items are related in this level. The student completes the task and I have the data saved and emailed to me. I love that I can modify the

Announcing Go-Togethers

by Sean Sweeney Developing students' semantic abilities is one of my favorite parts of my job! I think words, and the connections between them, are just really fun! Building semantic networks provides students with a stronger vocabulary base, which in turn gives them points of reference as they learn new words. Enter Go-Togethers, an app I helped design along with Rosie Simms for Smarty Ears Apps. Go-Togethers targets identification of word associations as well as expressive

Ground-Breaking App for Individuals with Word Finding Difficulties

Dallas, TX (March 22, 2012) – Approximately one million people in America (one out of 275 adults) suffer from some form of Aphasia and/or Apraxia. As a result, the majority of these individuals face word finding difficulties, the inability to think of and retrieve the right words. Clinicians have created several evidence-based cueing strategies for word finding. However, it has been difficult to pinpoint a universal approach that is suitable for patients as each individual’s

WH Questions in Action

by Cindy Meester M.S;CCC/SLP Speech Language PathologistWH Questions is an app that helps any therapist work on a variety of WH question forms. You can choose to work on one or more of the six WH-question options. Here are a few ways to get you started. I often start with this app to evaluate how well a student understands all WH question forms. I usually choose three forms at a time (why, how, where) and the next session I evaluate (who, when, what). This provides me with

Dysphagia2Go-Revolutionizing the Dysphagia App World

by Tiffani Wallace Call me a little partial, but I LOVE this app.  Dysphagia2Go has given me a new way to utilize my iPad in my dysphagia therapy.  I also can use it with the confidence that it is HIPAA compliant.  Yes, I am one of the authors, but this app was created out of the need to complete a quick and simple Clinical Dysphagia Evaluation.  This app was created to assist clinicians in assessing all areas for dysphagia and to complete a chart review that is as thorough

Articulate it! in action

by Cindy Meester I'm sure most SLPs have tried a variety of techniques to improve articulation sound errors. My iPad has not only helped to improve communication but it has opened up options on where I provide therapy.  I am now able to move out of my speech room and work in a classroom or even a hallway. What a hallway! Wasn't that what we used to do in the "olden" days. Well maybe but now it is a very functional option for some of my articulation students.  Here's how it

Custom Boards in Action

by Cindy L. Meester M.S.,CCC/SLP Speech Language PathologistThere are many options to use the Custom Boards app within speech therapy sessions. Let me show you a few ways to get you started. Activities & Games Templates: I used the Christmas Tree template and imported pictures from my Photos that displayed different emotions. I printed one master copy. You could laminate this or put it in a protective plastic sleeve. I printed one extra and cut out the ornaments. The