Adjective Remix

Adjective Remix targets practicing vocabulary knowledge of qualifying words (aka adjectives). Vocabulary building is valuable for many young children with developmental delays and language disorders (Kuster, 2011). This application was designed to be used by parents, teachers, special educators or speech language pathologists. It is possible to play the activity with only one or multiple children. Adjective Remix will analyze the data and track progress, which can be emailed or printed. In order to more effectively teach this concept we have segmented the adjectives into 8 major categories:

1.Appearance: Broken, Clean, Comfortable, Dirty, Elegant, Fluffy, Long, New, Soft, Sparkling, Valuable.
2. Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Black.
3. Feelings: Angry, Happy, Nervous, Sad, Scary, Excited, Bored.
4. Quantity: Empty, Few, Full, Heavy.
5. Shape: Chubby, Curved, Round, Squared, Thick, Thin.
6. Size: Big, Short, Small, Tall, Tiny.
7. Time: Ancient, Fast, Modern, Old, Slow, Young.
8. Touch & Taste: Cold, Fresh, Hot, Nutritious, Salty, Sweet, Wet, Dry.

Top features:

Add students and track progress overtime;
Nearly 200 targets;
400 stunning images;
Print or email results;
Group play allows you to use the app with a group of children;
Adjectives are organized into 8 categories that can be isolated;
Positive Reinforcement audio and visual feedback



Adjective Remix was developed and designed by licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist Barbara Fernandes M.C CCC-SLP.

What do reviewers have to say:

 1. Bridging Apps High-quality and attractive images.”

2. Hanna B. gradstudentSLP  I think Adjective Remix is a wonderful addition to your iPad arsenal of apps!”

3. I Speak App At $9.99, this one’s a solid investment into the techie SLP’s app arsenal.”

4. Panda Speech  This is another great tool for you iPad if you are a speech pathologist, teacher, or parent!”

5. Speech Adventures It’s a wonderful addition to my therapy tool box and I look forward to using it with my students.”

6. The iMums Easy to use and well designed to meet the needs of parents and professionals working with children, it is a must have language app.”


Reference: Kuster, J. M. (2011, November 01). Building Vocabulary with Online Tools. The ASHA Leader.

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Adjective Remix for iPad from GeekSLP on Vimeo.

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