About Smarty Ears

Smarty Ears was founded in December of 2009 by  Barbara Fernandes, a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association. Smarty Ears was the first company to create apps geared towards speech therapy for mobile devices. Smarty Ears’ first application, called Mobile Articulation Probes (name changed to Smarty Speech in 2011) was released in January of 2010 and it has helped many speech therapists to make sessions more dynamic and engaging.

Three years later, Smarty Ears has created over 50 applications for children and adults with speech and language delays and disorders such as stuttering, articulation delays, autism, down syndrome, and language disorders. Our goal is to provide the best tools that engage every child to learn, develop appropriate communication skills and become better communicators.

At Smarty Ears we believe technology can help parents and speech therapists improve the communication skills of children with speech and language difficulties. Smarty Ears brought to the world a whole new concept of how children will practice their skills. Speech Therapists many times use materials that are not current with what children experience at home. Technology is everywhere, how can we expect children to engage in worksheets and paper flashcards.

The new technology enabled us to deliver fun apps that can be used by parents, teacher and therapists all with one goal: help to meet the needs of every student with special needs. Several of our applications bring solutions that are not only much more affordable to parents, teachers and school districts but are also very intuitive and easy to customize. This way we know everyone will be able to use it.

We are constantly working on various applications that will benefit speech therapists, parents of children with communication disorders, as well as those with a communication difficulty themselves, in a variety of languages.

Smarty Ears is committed to individuals from all around the world, and we will make sure all of our apps are available in as many languages as possible because we are aware that the majority of materials currently available are in English. We currently have over 45 apps in English, 10 in Portuguese and 5 apps in Spanish.

Smarty Ears presence in the world:

Smarty Ears has been a leader in speech, language and communication applications for the iPad since 2009. Our applications, have sold around the world. See below Smarty Ears users around the world:

smarty ears presence around the world

About Smarty Ears CEO:

Barbara Fernandes founder of Smarty Ears poses recently in Arlington.Barbara, the founder and director of Smarty Ears received her master degree in Speech and Language Pathology with an emphasis in bilingualism from Texas Christian University. Barbara speaks three languages (English, Spanish & Portuguese), and she has worked with children from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and native languages in several countries. In addition to her passion for working with bilingual children, Barbara’s passion for technology has led her to become an active blogger known as “GeekSLP” for www.geekslp.com and the blog of the American Speech and Language Association known as the AshaSphere. As GeekSLP, Barbara has been invited as a guest speaker in universities and International conferences, and given workshops and presentations around the world on how technology can be implemented to improve the speech and language skills.

In 2004, Barbara was one of the participants of the program jointly administered by the U.S. Department of Education and the Brazilian Ministry of Education, called “Promoting the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Society Through Assistive Technology: Culturally Appropriate Solutions.” Barbara has created over 30 applications that combine her knowledge of technology with her expertise in speech and language sciences. Smarty Ears is where Barbara’s passion is met. As the CEO of Smarty Ears, Barbara Fernandes has created over 30 applications, which have been sold in over 40 countries to speech pathologists, special education teachers, and parents of children with special needs. Smarty Symbols is another one of Bar- bara’s creations; a symbol set that contains 11,000 symbols which also reflect Barbara’s passion for technology and multicultural issues. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys traveling abroad, scuba diving and playing with her gadgets and three dogs.

Barbara Fernandes is also the host of “GeekSLP TV” a video podcast and blog where she shares innovative technology-related strategies with individuals working to improve personal communication skills or assisting others in reaching their communication potential.