Smarty Ears Apps is proud to be the developer of the week at for the week of February 11, 2013. As developer of the week, there will be an app featured each day. The featured app will be price reduced and will be hosting a giveaway (or two).

For those of you unfamiliar with, it is a website specifically designed to help parents and teachers find apps designed to help children with special needs. AppAbled is run by parents for parents. Based around the world (Australia, Ireland, US), AppAbled offers a unique perspective to providing app reviews and showcasing the developers with the vision to create the apps utilized and needed by so many.

As the featured developer of the week, Smarty Ears will be showcasing several of their most popular apps, a different app each day. The apps will be on sale for a limited time.

Monday: Articulation Scenes

Articulation Scenes is the newest articulation app by Smarty Ears. Based around a movie theme, Articulation Scenes provides numerous opportunities for children to practice their sound production. With over 1200 practice words, 72 built-in scenes, and four activities for every scene, Articulation Scenes will intrigue children of all ages. Skills targeted include auditory bombardment, single-word production, and sentences/story production. Original price $29.99 – featured price $19.99.

 Tuesday: Custom Boards

Custom Boards was designed to serve as a board and activity creator for SLPs, teachers, special educators, and parents of children with special needs. With over 11,000 built in symbols and the ability to import photos, Custom Boards allows for the easy creation of activities, signs, worksheets, schedules, and templates for communication devices. Custom Boards allows saving of individual templates into folders which are able to be organized by student. In addition, Custom Boards is one of the few apps that can save templates to your computer based iTunes account as a PDF. Original Price $39.99 – featured price $29.99.

 Wednesday: Language Adventures

Language Adventures is a unique app designed specifically to work on higher order language skills such as Antonyms/Synonyms, Categories, Inferencing, Multiple Meaning Words, and WH Questions. Language adventures is a multi-user app featuring built-in board games, multiple levels, and a variety of complex language skills designed to assist children in developing and strengthening word connections. Original Price $21.99 – featured price $14.99

 Thursday: Profile of Phonological Awareness

The Profile of Phonological Awareness (Pro-PA) was developed specifically for evaluating and describing the phonological awareness skills of children. Using Pro-PA allows educators and clinicians to identify early reading difficulties in children. Pro-PA offers customization of sections administered, color-coded scores, and the ability to print or email results immediately. With Pro-PA early identification and progress monitoring has never been easier. Original price $29.99 – Featured Price $14.99

 Thank you AppAbled for selecting Smarty Ears Apps to be a featured developer!

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