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Smarty Ears Advisory committee invites applicants

Smarty Ears has been creating apps for speech therapists, teacher and children with special needs for the last 15 months. We have appreciated all the support we have received from everyone. Now we have decided to create an Advisory Committee Board for Smarty Ears. If you are interested in becoming part of our family please continue reading this call for applications:

The advisory committee will act as a group that will help with decisions we make. We want to hear what you guys need, so we can continue to improve our products. We want to hear from everyone: Parents, teachers and Speech Pathologists. If you are selected you will be asked to join our private group, where all discussions will take place.


1. Must own an iPad

2. Must own at least one Smarty Ears app

3. Must be a teacher, SLPs, parent, or person involved in the app community.

4. Must have a account

5. Must have written at least one review for one of Smarty Ears apps on iTunes

What will be expected from you:

1. Vote on decision we will ask such as your favorite icon for our next apps, suggestions for promoting specific apps, suggestion for updates, etc…

2. You will be asked to write reviews for our apps on iTunes,

3. Share a photo and a Bio to be posted on our website as a member of our advisory board,

4. Help us sometimes with testing an app before the app goes on sale on iTunes

5. Anything else you want to help us with.

This does not represent any form of employment association with Smarty Ears. You will be referred to as a member of our Advisory committee board.

What will you gain from it:

1. You will get to learn about our upcoming app releases before anyone does,

2. You will be able to put this on your resume as a member of an advisory committee,

3. You will receive a FREE copy for personal user of all Smarty Ears apps – one per month, or when new releases come.

4. You will be mentioned on our website when your Bio and photo are posted.


We hope you contact us if you are interested. You can use our contact us page to send your message. Please let us know why you are interested, and what you can bring to the table in helping Speech Therapy and educational apps better.

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