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How to update your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

The iPad, iPhone and iPod touch run an operational system called the iOS system. This is the system that allows you to run apps and perform all functions on your device. It comes pre-installed on your devices when you purchase it from the Apple store.

It is very important that you keep your iOS system up to date in order to have apps run smoothly and also take advantage of the enhancements  and the possible bug fixes provided by Apple.

Updating your iOS system is FREE

While most apps will work on older versions of the iOS system, keeping an up-to date update will guarantee you best performances.

In fact, some apps also do not work on older iOS versions (e.g 3.1); therefore you will not be allowed to purchase the app from the app store. First let’s learn how to identify which version of the iOS system you are running on your device.

1. Identifying the iOS system on your device:

1st. Go to the setting area on your device and click on “General”:




















2nd. Under the “General” menu, click on ” About”:




















3rd. Under the “About” menu you will see the information you are looking for under the “Version“.





















On this example you can see I have the Version 4.3.2 of the iOS system; which is the most most up to date version as of 4/23/2011.

2. Understand app’s iOS requirements

Now that you know how to identify which version you have, now let’s learn about the fact that some apps do not support older version of the iOS system.

When you are purchasing an app from the app store you will notice that the app has several requirements, one of them is compatibility with iOS systems. Take fore example the number one, best selling educational application: Star Walk for iPad ; it requires that you have the iOS 3.2 in order to run this app. See image below:

















Notice that the app requires that you have iOS 3.2 or later; if you have anything older the app will not install. Another example is an AAC app called Expressive:


















As you can see, Expressive requires that users have the version 3.1.4 or older in order to run the app on the devices.

Now that you know how to identify your iOS system, and understand that some apps will not run on older versions of the iOS system; you will need to know how to update it. This is the easy part of the whole story.

3. Updating your iOS system

You will need to connect your device ( iPhone, iPod or iPad) to your computer to update it.


1. Plug your device

2. Open iTunes

3. Select your device and make sure you are under the ” Summary” section.

4. Click on “Check for Update”.

You are all done!

I hope it helps… Now go update your device ;-)



How to redeem your promo code from Smarty Ears

Many times, we are able to provide a free trial code of our apps that will allow presenters, and AT centers to test our apps. If you provide training to parents or speech-language pathologists on apps for children with communication disorders and would like a free trial codes, just e-mail us at [email protected]. Our codes are VERY limited, and unfortunately we are only able to give away codes to presenters. Please include the date , location & the intended audience of your training on your e-mail so we can better assist you. Many times we do not have codes available, but you can always check with us. Please remember that these codes have an expiration date: four weeks after redeemed.

There are two ways to redeem your code.

  1. On iTunes
  2. Directly on your iPhone or iPad


If you are redeeming your code on iTunes, follow these steps:

  1. Open iTunes and find the “App Store” button;
  2. Find the “redeem” button on the right side of your screen on iTunes;

3. Enter the code provided to you;

4. Wait until app is downloaded

5. Enjoy your app and we hope you can write a review telling us how you like the app.


If you are redeeming your promo code directly on device, follow these steps:


1. Open the ” App store” on you iPhone or iPad,

2. Navigate to the “featured” section;


3. Scroll to the bottom of the list to find the ” redeem” button;


4. Enter the promo code and tap ” redeem”

5. Once you are done; click on ” done” and check to make sure your app is being downloaded.







Smarty Ears is one of the finalists of the Impact Awards 2011

Smarty Ears is one of the finalists of the Impact Awards 2011
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Smarty Ears is one of the finalists of the Fort Worth Impact Awards 2011. The Impact Awards recognizes companies that are making an impact in one of three areas: Community, Health and Environment.


Forty-eight companies applied for this award, 24 were selected to participate on the 5 minutes pitch day. Barbara Fernandes, the CEO and Founder of Smarty Ears presented about the impact Smarty Ears is making in the lives of children with communication difficulties.  There were 9 finalists ( 3 in each category):


Environmental Category

Green & Sustainable Services, LLC

Solar Logic

Terra 360 Recycling

Community Category

Geowhiz Universe, LLC

Image Vision Labs’

Smarty Ears, LLC

Health Category

Medhab LLC

Silcore LLC

Vital Art & Science, Inc.


“ It was amazing to be part of Tech Fort Worth Impact Awards next to so many brilliant entrepreneurs. All these companies are doing their best to make our planet a better place. Five minutes was a very short time to talk about all Smarty Ears has done in the last 14 months, but I had fun”. Says Barbara Fernandes


The response Smarty Ears received from participants was extremely positive. While many start-ups are ery successful by creating one of two products in their first year, Smarty Ears has managed to create 21 products for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android users.


“More than 400 community leaders, entrepreneurs, technology advocates, and potential investors from across North Texas are expected to attend the awards luncheon on May 18 at the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom at Texas Christian University. The event will help raise funds to support business incubation programs for technology-based entrepreneurs.” SEAN MAGGARD